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1、Our History

Since 2017, Jiangsu Sanzun New Material Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development of environmentally friendly slippers.In 2018, our first generation of products came out,completed the transition from hand sewing to mechanized production.In 2019, we completed the research and development of new materials for slippers products, making them more non-slip, breathable and soft, and completed the product upgrade from the first to the second generation.From 2020 until now, through our continuous debugging, based on the second-generation products, we have combined the principles of ergonomics, and set up corresponding models according to the characteristics of human feet in different countries to make the shoes more wrapped and comfortable. At the same time, the upgraded machine is more stable, ensuring the scale and sustainability of production. At present, the factory is equipped with 5 production lines, with a daily output of 500,000/pair. It is expected that by the end of 2021, the factory will be further expanded, and the main trading market will gradually expand from domestic to overseas.

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2、Our Factory

Jiangsu Sanzun New Material Industry implements 6S management standards.
1、SEIRI:The passage is unobstructed and tidy, creating a refreshing workplace.
2、SEITON:The workplace is clear at a glance, neatly placed, eliminates the time to find items, a neat working environment, and eliminates excessive backlogs.
3、SEIKETSU:Keep the passage clean and free of any debris on the ground.
4、SEISO:Eliminate dirt to keep clean and bright, stable quality
5、SHITSUKE:Cultivate employees who have good habits and abide by the rules, improve the level of civility and courtesy of employees, and build team spirit.
6、SECURITY:Create an environment that does not threaten people, enterprises, and property, avoid safety accidents, and reduce potential safety hazards.

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3、 Product Application


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Beauty salon

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4、Our Certificate

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