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7 advantages of Sanzun new eco-friendly slippers

Update time : 2021-10-20

7 advantages of sanzun new eco friendly slippers 1

1、Safe and non-slip
The biggest advantage of the product is that it is safe and non-slip, which cannot be achieved by any traditional environmentally friendly slippers. It prevents guests from slipping and slipping in the bathroom due to slippage and avoiding direct damage to the hotel.
2. soft and comfort
New non-woven material is more breathable and soft,The thickened and warm pearl cotton is more elastic and can provide better support for the feet while keeping warm. It is an essential partner for relaxation, thus giving guests a good experience of the hotel’s high-quality services.
3. Environmental protection and hygiene
It is made of all pp materials, antiseptic and mildew, without any harm to the skin. At the same time, the raw materials are environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled, reducing environmental pollution. The daily discarding of traditional slippers will involve garbage sorting, which increases the amount of garbage handled by employees and increases the cost of hotel garbage removal and transportation.
Fully machined and automated processing, eliminating a lot of labor costs, from the production of raw materials are produced by themselves, greatly reducing product costs.
Because this product is a new type of patented slippers, it has also been developed under the current environmental protection policies. It is currently being quickly promoted throughout the country. At present, city governments such as Hangzhou and Changsha have formally proposed to prohibit hotels from providing guest rooms. 〃. The traditional slippers foam seriously pollutes the environment and will soon be eliminated. The use of new environmentally friendly products is an inevitable trend, and it is also the choice for the hotel industry to continuously upgrade and develop.
6.Clean and sterile
This slippers adopts fully sealed packaging, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, conforms to European import exemption standards, and is suitable for various scenarios such as hotels, hospitals, and laboratories.
7.Easy to recycle
There is no waste sorting treatment, it can be directly packaged for waste treatment, and the used slippers can be recycled, can be reprocessed, recycled, and will not pollute the environment.

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7 advantages of Sanzun new eco-friendly slippers
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